Pricing and orders

Pricing is always negotiated individually with each customer, and depends on work load and time consumption, as well as the required level of support and updates. My prices always include trainings, support, and updates for a period of 12 months.

My Natural Language Processing tools are open source and licensed under GPL. You may modify them and freely distribute them, as long as you provide the source code. But creating them is time consuming hard work, which I wish to be compensated for. After the initial period of 12 months, I will provide long-term support and regular updates for the products against a very modest fee.

Please contact me using the contact form and inquire about my NLP tools. You can also send me an email ( or call me (+358 50 3185252).

Let’s plan a project together. I keep my office in the Kouvola region in Finland, but I work remotely with companies, organisations, and communities all over the world.