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My name is Kimmo Granqvist. I have a PhD in Modern Greek from 1997. I am among of the internationally leading scholars in Romani Linguistics. I am a Senior University Lecturer in Romani Language and Culture at the University of Helsinki (since 2012-). I bear a Title of Docent in Modern Greek language and General Linguistics.

I am primus motor of modern Romani Linguistics in Finland. I have published extensively in particular on Finnish Romani, including a large-monograph on Finnish Romani phonology and morphology, a descriptive grammar, and university-level textbooks. I have coordinated several international projects on Romani Linguistics since 2013. I have extensive experience in public, community and policy involvement and in planning and implementing strategies for impact. I represented Finland in the Committee of Experts of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages in 2016-2022.

I have a long experience working on computational tools for Romani. In 2001-2002, I implemented the two-level morphological analyser called ROMTWOL for Finnish Romani. A new version of ROMTWOL for Finnish Romani is being developed in collaboration with Finnish Romani Association. Further work on a disambiguator is being planned. currently cooperate with the Finnish company Lingsoft Language Services Oy on Finnish Swedish TWOL.

I have extensive language skills, comprising Finnish and Swedish (mother tongues), English, German, Slovak, some Romanian and Russian, and of course, Romani dialects (Finnish Romani, East Slovak Romani, KalderaĆĄ).

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